It goes without saying it has been a strange year, and a hard one for very many of us. And now the end of the year, and Christmas, is upon us. But this presents us with a wonderful opportunity – a chance to stop and find some joy, some peace.

We would love to invite you to come and share the joy and the peace of Christmas with us this year.

Our three services will all be a little different from each other.

The 7pm Christmas Eve family service will be a lot of fun focused on the kids, with joyous Christmas carols and songs, sharing together the story of what happened on the first Christmas and a lovely little supper afterwards – all finished in time to get the kids to bed not-too-late.

Our Christmas Eve Midnight Service (beginning 11pm) is preceded by a Christmas supper, and then will major on the peaceful true magic of Christmas, as we share the Christmas message, carols and Communion.

On Christmas Day at 9:30 we will celebrate the wonderful meaning of Christmas by hearing the story and singing carols together as we start the festive day.

Each, as I say, is a little bit different, but two things are the same across them all:
1) we have a wonderful message of hope to share and celebrate together, and
2) you are so very welcome to join us.

Looking forward to sharing Christmas with you.

Manaaki te Atua (God bless)
(Minister, St Peter’s of the Rock)