Sometimes it feels like something is missing. Things may be going along okay, but something is still not quite there. Is this all there there is?

Easter is a time that can bring this into focus. Because at Easter, amongst the eggs and hot cross buns and the relaxation of a long weekend, many of us have a sense that there is still something more to be found in our lives. And indeed, the very fact that we still have a public holiday and widespread celebrations at Easter points to our collective memory, just below the surface, that there is indeed something more. And that this ‘something’ is connected to events that happened at this time of year many centuries ago. And that these past events just might have an essential connection to our present.

At St Peter’s of the Rock we are convinced there is something more – and indeed that this ‘something missing’ can be found by any of us. All we have to do is really look.

We’d love to help you do that this Easter. You are so very welcome to join us for either of our Easter services, or both. Who knows – maybe you will find what, deep down, you know you are looking for.