For more than 2 years now, Luke has been the book of the Bible we have returned to again and again. We have spent time in a number of other books of the Bible over these past couple of years, but we have always come back to Luke again, and have now spent almost 50 Sundays seeing Jesus through Luke’s eyes. We have worked our way through 13 of the 24 chapters so far, and from this Sunday we return to this great Gospel.

The point we re-join Luke’s narrative is during Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, at chapter 14. During this journey to Jerusalem we have already heard classic stories like the Good Samaritan, and Jesus’ teaching on us not needing to worry because we are far more valuable to God than birds and flowers. As we continue towards Jerusalem with Jesus for the next while, we have before us such treasures as the story of the prodigal son, the rich man and Lazarus, the Pharisee and the tax collector, and many lesser known gems that help us to see other dimensions of Jesus’ wonder and brilliance.

Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem is full of significance for everyone. for every human being who has ever been born, whether they know it or not. It has significance for you. Why not come along on a Sunday morning and see why? We’d love to have you with us.