One of the realities of lockdown is online church. But it is also one of the opportunities!

I remember before I started going to church, I was often interested in what happened in these mysterious places, I was really interested to find out if there just might be something to this whole God thing. But at the same time, I was pretty nervous. I must have walked past the church for about 6 weeks before I actually went in. It turned out that I had nothing to be afraid of, and what I found there – well, it was the most wonderful thing I have ever found. But it was really hard to go in!

That’s where lockdown presents an opportunity. Church is online. Which means you can dip your toe in without even having to walk into a building. Now, it’s not actually as good as the real thing – church in all 3 dimensions is the real thing. But it is still a great chance to give it a try.

Why not join us this Sunday? We’d love to have you with us. We are looking at the person at the very heart of the Christian faith. He is the ‘wonderful thing’ I found (indeed not a thing, a person). He is certainly worth checking out.

You can see our online services via our website at this link. They go live each Sunday at 10am. And if you do connect, we’d love to hear from you! You are so very welcome!