We all want to grow. We want to grow like healthy shoots after good rain in good soil, rather than stagnating. Or, to change the metaphor a little (and borrow from someone who knows a few things!), we want to be good soil that produces abundant growth.

How do we grow? One way that I am convinced will be key for us to grow as individuals and as a church at St Peter’s on the Rock is our small groups. Which is why we are calling them Growth Groups.

I think they will be key for our growth in at least two ways:  1) growth in knowing and delighting in God’s word about Jesus; 2) growing in our prayerful care for one another. And Growth Groups are especially good at helping us to do those things together – because each week we have the opportunity to share our lives in a deeper way than we can on Sunday alone. And we can do that in the context of Jesus wonderful lifegiving (and growth giving) message in the Scriptures. And we have the chance to express that care through prayer for one another with people we regularly meet with and deepen our trust in over time.

Growth Groups are a great thing to be involved in. Please be in touch if you’d like to know more or want to get involved!

Manaaki te Atua (God bless), Chris