This week we began a short two week exploration of the issue of Work in the Life of Faith.

Most of us spend most of our time doing everyday work type stuff. For some of us it is paid, for some of us it is not (eg stay at home parents, who definitely work!). But whatever the case, most of us have at least one occupation that takes up many, if not most, of our waking hours.

One of the complaints that is sometimes made about churches, and especially the teaching at churches, is that it doesn’t have much to say about this important everyday activity. Fair enough!

So we are spending these two weeks considering this question – what does the Christian faith have to say to our everyday work activities? And what difference does being a Christian make to how we understand and live out our work?

If you want to hear the first sermon you can hear it here. And, if you are reading this before Sunday 30th October, you can engage with the second week of thinking this through by joining us on Sunday. You are most welcome!