A little information about the Christian faith

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If you have arrived at our website and are wondering what all this Christian stuff is about, this is for you. If you would like to talk to someone about this in more detail please use our contact form or pop in on Sunday and have a chat.

Back To The Beginning

God made everything as it should be.1

What Went Wrong?

When people choose to do things their own way(and stop doing things God’s way) we put a gap between us and God. Doing things our way instead of God’s is what the Bible calls sin.2 This not only messed things up for people but for all of creation.3 This is also where death came from, man was never meant to die.4 (Think of everything “Yuk” and it arrived after sin).

all have sinned

and fall short of the glory of God.


The problem is sin has to be punished, or to put it another way, someone has to pay for it.5 Nothing we can do will be enough to get us back to God. But God wants us back and has made a way.

What is God’s way?

If we are sorry for our sin and want to turn our life around, then God is ready to pay for our sin Himself; Jesus did this when He died on the cross to take our punishment for us.6 This is incredibly good news. If we are repentant (don’t want to sin any more) and trust Him to forgive us, God meets us where we are and we start a new life with Him.7 So Jesus is The Way.

the wages of sin is death,

but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.


This is a very personal step, one that is between you and God. If you take this step the Bible says that you have become a Child of God;8 we call ourselves Christians. God makes many promises to those who trust Him, including taking us to be with Him when we die, meaning we again have that eternal life we lost through sin.9

What Next?

Becoming a Christian is just the beginning of a lifelong journey.

When we become a Christian we have a lot to learn(and unlearn). The Bible says we should meet together with other Christians;10 we understand each other, we are a family; we learn together, have fun together, help each other.


If you have become a Christian Church is important. We would be delighted if you popped in to meet us, but we are not the only church; just as people have different personalities, so churches are all different. Find one that suits you.

Our closing advice is to read your Bible,11meet with other Christians, and pray.12 God hears your prayers, knows your situation and will guide you.13

God bless you on your new journey.

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