If I say ‘Jonah’, what comes to mind? A story of a big fish (or whale)? Perhaps a story in a children’s Bible? Or simply the name ‘Lomu’?

The book of Jonah in the Bible is a mainstay of children’s storybook Bibles and Sunday School lessons (and Bible in School lessons for those of us who had those). This can lead us to think that Jonah is simply a big fish story. But actually, the fish’s part is done and dusted by the midway point of the book, and is relatively minor. And throughout this little book, there are depths of meaning, and powerful challenges – both of which constantly surprise me when I come back to this short book.

We will have the joy of studying this powerful little book together in our Growth Groups as we close out this year. I have no doubt we we all get more from it than we expect. If you are prepared to take a deep dive with us in Growth Groups, and you’re not already connected to one, please do be in touch!